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Rascallion Wines Announce Dignity Dreams Sponsorship

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of Dignity Dreams, which provides comfort and menstrual health education to young women and girls from disadvantaged and at risk communities in South Africa.



Research across 5 African countries shows that one in ten girls miss school for up to five days per cycle, and full participation in school is often an issue due to the lack of useable sanitary pads. As a result millions of female scholars in our country and elsewhere in Africa run the risk of falling behind in the schooling system. Aside from practical educational factors, the emotional impact on young women who find themselves without adequate sanitary product support has far reaching psycho-social consequences.


As part of our commitment to the upliftment of marginalised young women, we have chosen to partner with local NGO Dignity Dreams, an organisation that has been active in the sanitary product support space for disadvantaged communities since 2013. Managing Director, co-owner and the original Rascal of Rascallion Wines, Ross Sleet, explains, “Dignity Dreams is helping to address the fact that for many young girls and women, menstruation is an uncomfortable and stressful time. In many disadvantaged communities the lack of access to cost-effective sanitary products is a serious concern. Playing a positive role in our communities has always been part of our mission and we are thrilled to have partnered with Dignity Dreams”.


Dignity Dreams manufactures and distributes washable pads that when used effectively can replace 144 disposable pads over their 4 year lifespan. Not only does this have a positive environmental impact, the NGO employs 20 women directly, who are provided with employment and who in turn support up to 10 family members each.


As an initial donation, we have purchased sanitary pad packs on behalf of various wine industry members, journalists, and influencers as we spread the message behind our initiative. The permanent vehicle to raise funds for Dignity Dreams however, is our new range of wines, the With Love from the Cape Collection. Consisting of five single varietal wines, a Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Rose, Pinotage, and Cabernet Sauvignon, a portion of the retail price of every bottle sold worldwide will be donated to Dignity Dreams. So far, as well as being on sale in South Africa, the wines have been exported to China and Belgium, and are expected to reach other countries around the world as the post COVID-19 economies pick up.


Ross explains further: “ We are determined to play a positive role in this post COVID-19 reality and we sincerely hope we can inspire consumers and wine industry personalities alike to join us in our endeavours. We all know that keeping young girls and women in education as long as possible, has far-reaching positive social and economic benefits for our communities. The work that Dignity Dreams does in our communities is vital to the ongoing betterment of our society in general.


Sharon Gordon, CEO of Dignity Dreams, joined with Ross to explain their relationship and working via a YouTube video – you can also find out more about Dignity Dreams on their website

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